Wednesday, December 14, 2016


Just when you thought our cruising season is over, we acquired yet another vessel.  Our seventh cruiser, aptly named Seventh Lady, an Endeavor 32, now sits proudly at our docks.  Our BAD committee (Boat Acquisition and Disposition) - no pun intended - has been on a roll this year, and the results show.  (Luckily, they've been only doing half their job: all acquisitions and no dispositions!)  Thanks to Tark Y., Dan B., Jean-Marie G. and John Z. for bringing her over.  Said Tark after arrival, "It was a fast 2-hour trip under power. Everything went well..."
Seventh Lady - DSC Cruising's Holiday Gift!
Since her arrival, the Fleet Maintenance folks have been hard at work getting her winterized as well as ready for cruising next season.  Thanks to Tark, Nick T., Dan, JM, Sam G. and Russ D. for braving some frigid temps last weekend and getting it all done.

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