Friday, August 19, 2016

Pirates and Wenches Fantasy Weekend Cruise


Who needs a selfie stick when you have the backstay?

Madi Noelle in all her Splendor
DSC Cruising Skippers Rick L. and Yunus S. took Madi Noelle and Evening Star out to Rock Hall the weekend of Aug 13-14 to experience the Pirates & Wenches Fantasy festival.  Our own Capt. Bob B. sailed his boat, "Makani," with some more DSC cruising crew.

Looking good, Capt. Bob
Rick and his crew departed Friday and anchored at Swan Creek.  Yunus and Bob joined the party on Saturday and rafted up.
Ahh... the smell of the Sea!

Sunset Raft Up

Rick sent in this report upon return.

"Madi Noelle left early Friday morning to secure an anchoring spot in Swan Creek, motoring most of the way to save time. We put up the sails for an hour of brisk sailing once we got near to Rock Hall, then found a nice anchoring spot in Swan Creek. We took the dinghy ashore to Haven Harbor marina and had a nice dinner there on the upper deck overlooking the water.

"On Saturday, we went ashore to check out the Pirate festival and walked into town. Had a lunch at the Waterman's Crab House (the place to go) at Rock Hall harbor including some frozen margaritas. It was really hot over the weekend, so anything cold was a real treat. Some of us enjoyed the pool at the marina to cool off.
5-Star Accommodations?

"On Sunday we decided to cast off early due to the low tide coming in mid day and left Evening Star to enjoy the remaining festivities. The winds were great and we sailed most all the way home to DSC.

"Of course we had a few challenges and learning curve lessons throughout the journey, but I believe we  are all better sailors by doing these type events."
Enter at your own risk

Pirate Parties

Didn't they tell you to drop the sail first, Martin?
Fantasy Weekend Souvenirs
Loot Sale

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